● What is Blog?

  • “Blog is basically a type of website, like a forum or a social bookmarking site. As such it is defined by the technical aspects and features around it, and not by the content published inside it.”

The features that make blogs different from other websites are:

  1. Content is published in a chronological fashion

▪ Steps to create Blog

  1. Go to https://www.blogger.com/start2 and click the orange “Create a blog” button.

6.Congratulations! You should see the “Your blog has been created” screen. Click “start blogging now.”

Types of Blog

  1. Personal Blogs

1. Personal Blog

  • The first type of blogger appeared was the online diary bloggers.
  • These were people who wanted to take their daily journal online to share their experiences, feelings, and inner most thoughts with an audience.

2. Business Blog

  • Business bloggers are those who blog for their business. That could be a business they own or the company they work for.
  • The business blogger’s goal is to gain more exposure, traffic, and ultimately customers for their business.

A business blogger will write about the topics that will attract their ideal customers.

  • For example, employees of a printing company will write blog content that is aimed towards other business owners who are in the market for business cards, flyers, brochures, and other printing services.
  • The blog posts will cover topics like “How to Design a Great Business Card,” ‘Typography101, ”and“ Creating a Brochure That Boosts Your Business.”

3. Professional Blog

  • Professional bloggers are those who blog to make money online.
  • In other words, their career goal is to earn a salary through their blogging efforts.

4. Niche Blog

  • Instead of merely focusing on broad topics, niche blogs are very specific! Some of the niche blog ideas might be food blogging, training programs with your own weight, poems writing etc.

Some popular niche Blogs

  1. Lifestyle Blog

1.Lifestyle Blog

  • Although a strictly defined niche, a lifestyle blog allows you to address dozens of topics.

2.Home Décor Blog

  • People love learning about all those little projects they can undertake on their own in their homes.

3.Health Blog

  • Blogging about health has become immensely popular lately. * The competition in this niche is very tough.

4.Parenting Blog

  • Parenting is a very popular niche that is also suitable for novice bloggers.

5.Sewing Blog

  • Who would have thought that there is a huge audience out the e waiting for the content about knitting and sewing, right?

6.Sewing Blog

  • Religious blogs are also very popular.

5,Reverse Blogs

  • Reverse or guest host blogs are a unique but modern type of blog.
  • Instead of the owner creating content, the content is supplied by the public.

6. Affiliate (Review) Blogs

  • Affiliate bloggers are those that blog to generate affiliate marketing commissions.
  • Instead of creating their own products, they write blog posts that review products by others.
  • An affiliate blogger typically writes review posts on affiliate products.

7. Media Blog

  • Media blogs are defined by the content they produce.

8.Media Blogs

  • This type of blog is popular among people in different fields.
  • The younger crowd is recording their video game play and sharing it with people interested in that game.

9.Freelance Blog

  • Freelance bloggers are those who are paid for providing services, for example writing content for other businesses.

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