Meaning and Definition

  • Presentation means to present thoughts and ideas on specific topic effectively.

▪ 4 P’s of Presentations

  • Any Presentations requires a lot of planning and preparation. The given 4P’s show steps of preparation
  1. Purpose
4 P’s of Presentations

1. Purpose

  • Before Preparing the Presentation, you should ask following question:

2. Plan

  • Preparing and delivering is a major part of presentations. Firstly sit and write what you want present and how you want to present. While planning the presentations keep the important factors in mind. Occasions, audience, purpose, structure and material.

3. Prepare

  • Collect all relevant information (based on the extent of your knowledge, your objectives and the need of your audience)

4. Present

  • This is the last part of your presentation.
  • Arrange points logically and sequentially.

Tips for effective presentation:

  • Mentally and physically preparation of the presenter

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