Meaning and Definition

  • It also means the ability to engage the audience (listener) effectively.
  • All the required information should be presented in proper format.
  • A presentations is a formal talk addressed to one or more people and presents ideas or information in a clear and structured way.
  • Many years ago the traditional way to give a presentation was to use a simple prepared talk or blackboard
  • Gradually, the blackboard was replaced by the overhead projector.
  • Now power point (or equivalent) presentations have become the standard.

▪ 4 P’s of Presentations

  1. Purpose
  2. Plan
  3. Prepare
  4. Present
4 P’s of Presentations

1. Purpose

  • Why I am making this presentation?
  • What are my objectives (goals)?
  • Who is my audience (listener)?
  • Keeping this in mind we have to make the presentation. Your general purpose can be divided into:
  • Informing — to provide required information, the purpose is to inform.
  • Persuading — to convince
  • Entertaining — Including presentation with puzzles, riddles, videos related to presentation.

2. Plan

  • While keeping in mind also consider faculties, time, context and conduct.
  • Dividing content into logical order, categories and supporting material.
  • Determine the level of knowledge of the target audience.
  • Choose a subject that will appeal to the intended audience.
  • Choose a title that is short and information.

3. Prepare

  • Arrange it logically and sequentially.
  • Think of suitable punch lines for the opening and closing sections. (look for some quotation, poetical lines, anecdote etc.)
  • Prepare your visuals (illustrate your points with the help of visuals and words)
  • Check the weight age of given to each section. (Check the priorities of your arguments as per its importance in overall given time)
  • Time your presentation (Remember that the actual presentation always take more time than we expected, so margin your time limits

4. Present

  • Ensure clear visibility.
  • Use some ice-breaking techniques in your presentation.
  • Inform the audience about your goal or objective of presentation.
  • When possible, relate your topic to other fields.
  • Finish the talk before 10 minutes so that you have enough time to answer the question.
  • Arrange points logically and sequentially.
  • Do not get confused.
  • While using a over head projector face the audience while talking.
  • Maintain proper eye- contact and use proper body language.
  • At the end, thank the organizers, supporting staff and very importantly the audience.

Tips for effective presentation:

  • Collect material from a variety of source
  • Arrange points logically and sequentially
  • Do not get confused
  • You are not supposed to know everything
  • At the conclusion: Always prepare Channelize you fear Interact with your audience

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